Why have a Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality Experience Zone

  1. Latest technology that can immerse the users in an incredible virtual world
  2. Educate your customer on your brand and products
  3. Leave a lasting positive impression on your guest
  4. Everyone loves to have fun

What can IGNITE VR provide:

  1. Consultation to find out about your expectations and also to educate about the site requirements for the VR or MR setup.
  2. Plan and design the Virtual Reality Zone according to the site layout given.
  3. Procurement of hardware like VR Ready PC, VR Headsets, TV, Camera, Green Screen and other accessories that provides a better experience in terms of comfort and hygiene.
  4. Installation of software to run the VR/MR experience and our curated list of top games and experiences.
  5. Setup of the VR/MR Zone with thorough testing to ensure the perfect experience.
  6. After sales support to update on our curated list of top games and experiences as well as remote/onsite maintenance services to keep the VR/MR experiences smooth running

What are some unique setups that IGNITE VR can provide:

  1. Mixed Reality Green Screen setup where you can use a camera to capture the person inside the Virtual World rather than just from the player’s point of view.
  2. Multiplayer setup of 2 to 4 players playing at the same time.
  3. Extrasensory setup that lets you feel the object in the virtual world.
  4. Custom branded content for your setup

Why choose IGNITE VR:

  1. We operated a VR arcade for 6 months where we went through the pain of learning the dos and don’t so you don’t have to go through the same pain.
  2. We have setup VR booths for 150 events (as of Dec 2018) where we faced many different situations and variation of setups according to the site layout.
  3. We are a trusted evangelist and provide support for HTC Vive events locally as well as assist their business clients in Singapore.
  4. We work closely with brands like Zotac and HP which provide excellent VR ready products like Mini-PC and Backpack PCs for events, projects and also as a reseller.
  5. We really love Virtual Reality.

Take a first step and drop by our office to discuss with us how we can assist you to create an amazing experience. Contact us at [email protected] to book an appointment.