Virtual Photobooth

Want to take a photo with someone but can’t due to social distancing measures? Here is one way that we did it. Let us know if you would like us to do something like this.

Why we created the Virtual Photobooth

Due to social distancing measures, we got an enquiry to see if we can think of a method to create phototaking sessions at a scholarship award giving ceremony without any close contact between the VIPs and the awardees.

The Process

1. We film some videos against a greenscreen backdrop and edited segments out of it.

2. We build a photobooth app around it so you can choose the different video segment to take photo with and set off the timer to take the photo at the ideal position. Now we have a virtual photobooth app where you can have a virtual moving person to take the photo with.

3. At the event itself, we will set up a photobooth with printers, backdrop and props like usual. Additionally we will also use large screens so people can see how the virtual and real person are interacting during the virtual photobooth experience.