Virtual Tour

An easy and interactive way to showcase a space that people can understand better than through photos and videos.


Here is an example of our office virtual tour.

Explore Virtually

360 view allows a walk through of the space as if you were physically there, moving from room to room.

Better Gauge Of Space

The dollhouse view allows you to effectively see how big is the space and plan for it.

Effective Planning

Use the floorplan view to instantly get a view of the space from above to easily understand the layout of the venue.

Place Tags

Place tags anywhere, such as photos, videos and notes to guide viewers to what they need to see or hear.

Use Case: Circuit Breaker Showcase

Our office at Pixel above was closed for 2 months during the circuit breaker period in April and May 2020. During normal operations period, our community managers at Pixel conduct regular tours to showcase the facilities at Pixel to people who are planning events, or potential tenants and people who wants to use the facilities. This virtual tour allows them to still be able to do this virtually without the people coming down physically.

Productivity increases even outside of lockdown period as people save time from travelling down to look at spaces and have a digital copy to refer for planning.

How it works


01. Scan

Capture HDR panoramic images and depth data with our camera


02. Build

AI platform will process the captured spatial data and will render an accurate digital twin of your physical space


03. Customize

Place tags to highlight important features or to place a photo or presentation video


04. Publish

Share and embed it easily anywhere

Let us help you make your own Virtual Tour