Virtual Tour

Welcome to our office! We currently work from home but this is where we used to work at before the circuit breaker measures were implemented

Located at Pixel Building at Level 2, follow the virtual tour below to check out the place!

Why we did this

Before we left our office, we did a digital twin of PIXEL for the good people at IMDA, to help the community managers so that they can use it to do a virtual tour of PIXEL even during this period. FYI, Pixel is not just a co-working space, it also has event spaces, meeting rooms, hardware prototyping and film production facilities that aspiring individuals or startups can use. Our community managers usually gives tours to show the space to people who are planning events, or potential tenants and people who wants to use the facilities so this virtual tour allows them to still be able to do this virtually.

Why stop showing your space because of social distancing? This can help businesses and activities bounce back quicker when lockdown is removed. Productivity increases even outside of lockdown period as people save time from travelling down to look at spaces and have a digital copy to refer for planning.


What can Virtual Tours do

360 view allows a walk through of the space as if you were physically there, moving from room to room. 




The dollhouse view allows you to effectively see how big is the space and plan for it.





Use the floorplan view to instantly get a view of the space from above to easily understand the layout of the venue.




Place tags anywhere, such as photos, videos and notes to guide viewers to what they need to see or hear.





Our Process

We make it easy to create, customize, publish, and maintain an accurate virtual tour of any space.

1. Scan
Capture HDR panoramic images and depth data with our camera.

2. Build
AI platform will process the captured spatial data and will render an accurate digital twin of your physical space

3. Customize
Place tags to highlight important features or to place a photo or presentation video

4. Publish
Share and embed it easily anywhere

Other Potential Use Cases

With the digital twin that we have created above, we can optimize it and put it into our VR or 3D applications to use it for remote training, crowd simulation, and more. By virtually replicating the physical world, you can discover opportunities to improve consumer experiences, create new efficiencies and improve the spaces in which people work, live and play.