VR news don’t come daily. Developers and Companies time the release of news at big events that will generate a lot of hype. We follow these events closely online (and maybe in person in the future) and give you a summary of what shebang and explosion happened there. Will post updates as more information is release, so check back for more!

Past Events

1) CES – Consumer Electronic Show
What is it: CES is an annual electronics and technology tradeshow that is probably the biggest with major companies and industry professionals attending.
Date of event: 6 Jan 2016 to 9 Jan 2016
Location: Las Vegas
Big Announcements: Pre-orders for Oculus Rift started with pricing information released, HTC Vive Pre Development Kit was released (for developers)
Next Year: Will be back on the 5 Jan 2017 to 8 Jan 2017 in Las Vegas

2) MWC – Mobile World Congress
What is it: World Biggest Mobile Event
Date of event: 22 February 2016 to 25 February 2016
Location: Barcelona
Big Announcements: Unveiling the Vive Consumer Edition and Pre-order Information, Live VR Streaming of Samsung Galaxy Unpacked, LG jumping on the VR bandwagon

Events happening now
1) GDC – Games Developers Conference
What is it: World Largest Professional-only game industry event
Date of event: 14 March 2016 to 18 March 2016
Location : San Francisco
Big Announcements: PSVR price and estimated launch, AMD announces Sulon Q, and more games for VR