VR Services

To anyone and everyone

IGNITE-VR originally exist as a simple blog to provide the general consumer with knowledge about VR and the technology around it. But as we dive deeper into the industry, we realize that there is a lack of services to enable potential users to experience it or it is too expensive, hence we created services like building an affordable but powerful VR Ready/Capable PC and also selling lower end VR headset Google Cardboard V2 and other VR accessories on the IGNITE-VR Carousell Store so as to bring the VR experience to the general consumer. This will help provide cost savings to the consumer and hopefully this will create a VR wave that will sweep the nation.

We also intend to provide services to developers and corporate customers if required.

Our full range of services for developers and corporate customers are:

  1. Rental of VR Equipment
  2. Hiring Freelancers for VR Development
  3. VR Event Demos and Presentation
  4. Consultation