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IGNITE-VR originally existed as a simple blog to provide the general consumer with knowledge about VR and the technologies around it. But as we dive deeper into the industry, we realized that there is a lack of services to enable potential users to experience it.

Thus we’ve embarked on this journey to provide our customers with a range of services from simple experiences to designing their own unique softwares to fill this market gap.

Equipment Rental

We carry a carefully curated mix of VR Equipment for rental, including headsets, VR-Ready PCs, as well as additional add-ons for hygiene and comfort.

We provide free delivery for more than 2 days of rental. Otherwise collection and return will be at our office.

This rental service is for SINGAPORE ONLY!

Event Services

We provide event consultation, design and set-up services as well as technical support and hosting services for Virtual Reality booths, which provide eye-catching showcase item at events.

Virtual Reality Event booths increase engagement with the audiences and can help your brand increase its visibility and create a larger impact.

As of the end of 2018, we have done over 150 VR events.


We are skilled in VR development using Unity3D and Unreal Engine to create fast examples of how your idea may work. Although we run a lean team, we are very willing to create prototypes of VR experiences to serve as a proof of concept of your ideas to see evaluate its effectiveness.
We specialize in creating custom 3D printed motion tracked objects or controllers that enhances immersiveness, and have worked on a number of such projects.

Our range of services for hire are:

  1. Rental of VR Equipment
  2. VR Event Services
  3. Setting up a Mixed Reality/ Virtual Reality Experience Zone
  4. Prototyping VR experiences to create proof of concept experiments


If there is something you need that is VR related but not part of our services, contact us using the form on the right and we will gladly direct you to our friends and partners who can do so.


Alternatively, drop us an email at [email protected]