About Ignite

IGNITE VR is a Virtual Reality Maker company specializing in
conceptualizing, designing, setting up and operating
temporary and permanent physical spaces to showcase Virtual Reality experiences.

Roy Koo

Founder | VR Evangelist

Deep diving into Virtual Reality since 2015, Roy is always exploring new VR concepts as he believes VR has the potential to converge industries. He chases the dream that one day, everyone will use virtual reality in some aspect of their lives.

Mohd Muhaimin

Co-Founder | Chief of Operations

Better known as Moo, he's the one that ensures everything runs like clockworks so that he got more time to lepak! Moo is also excite to explore the use of Virtual Reality in other industries, with a particular focus in Education.

Vivienne Koh

User Experience Designer

Having spent the better part of her life designing interactions and environments, Vivienne is now tapping on her skills accumulated from working with different media to enhance Virtual Reality Experiences. She is also particularly interested in exploring the uses of VR in Healthcare.

Our Focus


At IgniteVR, we believe that the virtual space will be a game changer in many aspect of human activities,
and we are committed to being part of this change.
As such, our services are geared towards exposing the masses to the possibilities of VR,
by providing immersive experiences along with informative discussions.


Games are our roots, and we hope to welcome the masses into the world of VR through entertaining and immersive experiences


Immersion is nothing without creation – and educating the next generation of developers and designers can help push the current limits of VR


By collaborating with event organisers and spaces, we are extending our reach to the masses, and making the experience more accessible


We are always up for experiments into the possibilities of VR, and aim to be the industry experts in developing VR solutions

Our Recent Projects


Riding on our expertise in the building and maintaining VR technologies,
we have embarked on a number of projects that incorporate
hardware, software and experience development. 

Here’s a selection of our most recent projects –  

VR for Pediatric Anesthesia

Anesthesia Induction is known to be the most anxiety provoking part of the preoperative experience, especially for children. Thus we have embarked on a project in conjunction with an anesthetic team to create a VR solution that will help to reduce pre-operative anxiety due to the procedure in children.

MeshMinds X Ignite VR

Graffiti’s place in the society has always been debated, with some thinking that all forms of graffiti should be seen as a criminal act, and others arguing that it is a valid form of artistic expression.

Thus, we have decided to make spray painting legal, while making it more fun and fumes-free using VR technology.

Magic Mao Cup

Magic Mao Cup is a collaboration between Ignite & with Magic Mao to create a custom 3D printed golf club controller, allowing players to experience a realistic golf game where they can tee off in a golf course.

Recent Posts

December 10, 2017

Zero Latency Singapore Review: Free Roam Multiplayer VR Experience

Virtual Reality LBE (Location-Based Entertainment) in Singapore just had another new addition. Right after the opening of Virtual Room which we tried out last month, Zero Latency has arrived at…

October 25, 2017

Virtual Room Review – A Team Based VR Adventure Experience

Can’t get enough of Virtual Reality experiences? Virtual Room is a new location in town and we checked it out last week! With a great location, custom designed multiplayer content…

September 21, 2017

Under the Sea VR: A Healthcare VR application by IGNITE VR

IGNITE VR is proud to be part of the team that has won 1st prize at the Global HIT (Health Innovation Technology) Challenge 2017. Against strong competitors from Singapore, Malaysia,…

June 4, 2017

The first Longbow VR Open Tournament

Our VR Arcade has closed, but we did it with a bang! On the last weekend before we closed, we held a VR competition using one of our favourite VR…

Singapore Yacht Show EventsExhibitions/Roadshows
June 1, 2017

Sailing education and entertainment: VR Regatta Review

At the recent Singapore Yacht Show, we worked with MarineVerse who created the VR Sailing Simulator to showcase this VR Experience at this event. Read more on why we like…

May 19, 2017

Is it the end of IGNITE VR Arcade?

It was a good run of 6 months from Dec 2016 to May 2017. IGNITE VR Arcade at Marina Square has come to the end of its short lease and…

raw data arcade EventsExhibitions/RoadshowsFeaturedGamesReviews
April 17, 2017


At the recent Esports Carnival and IT Show 2017, we had the honor to be a VR partner of Gam3.asia. For the first time, we brought our top Multiplayer VR…

oculus HardwareReviews
April 17, 2017

Oculus Rift CV1 + VR Cover Review

So we got an Oculus CV1 for our VR Arcade last month. Just before they announced the USD200 price drop. Bummer. Together with the Oculus Touch, it used to cost…

Our Clients

“The game station has indeed enhanced the event experience for our guests.

Saw WeiliCitrix Communications

“Ignite VR delivered an enjoyable and authentic VR experience to the SMU community. Fantastic!”

KennySingapore Management University

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