VR Meetup in Singapore

meetupWith the main action of VR development happening in the US, there are also VR development happening in other parts of the world, including Singapore.

Asia VR Association is a meetup group based in Singapore that has bi-monthly gatherings

that brings together AR/VR enthusiasts where they showcase their hardware (like OSVR, Oculus, etc.) and software demos, discuss about topics about VR, invite guest speakers from government bodies, production companies, overseas developers to share insights and stories, and more!

At these meetups, you get to know about fellow people who are involved deep in the VR scene and some who are completely new to the scene like me and even though we all have different visions for VR, it enables you to share perspectives on your ideas and maybe some collaborations or business partnerships may come out of these casual chit chat.

Do check them out at Asia VR Association MEETUP page or hit them up on their Facebook page and group to find out more about when and where these sessions are held and do join the community to learn more and also share your experiences in this exciting journey.

(Featured image is from Asia VR Association)