HTC Hands-on: Its freaking awesome

hands on

Once you go HTC Vive, you can’t go back.

hands on

HTC Vive Hands-on

After watching tons of youtube videos of people playing the HTC Vive, I finally got my chance when someone open jio-ed in the Asia VR Meetup group. And it was freaking amazing. Everything that I imagined and more.

Comparing to the mobile VR headsets, it is clearer, unnoticable lag, has hand controllers, can move around (in a limited area), and more!

I got to play the Google TiltBrush and drew a fire-breathing dragon that fly out of a lava spewing volcano. I played SISTERS and got a huge scare from the doll that jumped out at me. I couldn’t understand why JOB SIMULATOR was raved about until I tried it and found how much fun it was to move around a desk area and play around with almost everything which is weird because I kind of do that in real life at work everyday.

I also got a chance to watch others play other demos like ninja trainer, space pirate trainer, fantastic contraptions, and more. They were all unique and great experiences on their own. But through looking at how the players enjoy the experience and how they could be so immerse in a game with simple gameplay is amazing.

Virtual Reality gaming is also not just a single player experience. Everyone else could see what you are doing on the computer screen and we are often shouting instructions at the player. Its fun being a spectator and seeing your friends fumble around with the headset and controllers. It looks stupid until you try it. Then you will understand.

The HTC Vive Consumer Edition Pre-Order is coming on 29 Feb. Get ready your USD799.