Making Ad Money from your VR apps

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A long long time ago, games were made to entertain. Now they still do but with the rise of free-to-play game model, monetization by including in-app native advertisement has become a common occurence in the gaming industry as it generates massive revenue for the game studios.

Will we see this advertisment model in the VR game industry and how can ads be implemented in VR? (Featuring VadR which is a VR Ad Network)

Current VR Business Model

At this current stage in the VR industry, majority of the games operates on a premium model where you pay to play or use instead of a free-to-play (f2p) model. The main reason for this is because not much money can be made from a f2p model for VR games at the moment as the monetization methods for free VR games are not developed/proven yet.

What’s wrong with Traditional Ad Network?

As of now, traditional ad networks are not capable of handling VR contents because current advertising methods do not work when it comes to VR content. They will not only disturb the VR experience but also cannot handle post click actions in VR.

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A New Frontier: VR Ad Network

To cater to current ad networks, VR developers, and most importantly VR users, there needs to be new innovation in advertising to suit VR usage.

In an interview with VadR which is a newly formed VR specific app monetisation and discover platform, we learn more about the technology that are important to be a good VR ad network.

  1. User experience for VR cannot be hindered by advertisement
    • In-app native ads has to blend with VR surroundings seamlessly to provide a completely non-intrusive and immersive experience
    • Users should not leave the VR experience to view advertisement
  2. Full functionality of the advertisement has to be preserved
    • Pictures or videos used in promotional material has to be adapted from its format to be used in the VR environment and still function as intended
    • Call to action must be available to enable user acquisition
  3. Analytics to provide a variety of metrics to know the effectiveness of the ad and improve on it
  4. Easy integration in the game to encourage higher takeup rate among developers
  5. High fill rates to optimize revenue and also to not break the seamless experience.

Do check out the the early days of VR ad experience that VadR has shown in their video below.

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