AsiaVR Meetup – Mobile VR: Just a Daydream away?

AsiaVR sept 2016

AsiaVR came back for its September Meetup and this time the theme was on Mobile VR.

Mobile VR is typically the first VR experience for most people thanks to high penetration of smartphones worldwide and the lower cost of hardware compared to the PC tethered VR counterpart.

On this topic, we had four distinguished guests — including YouTube’s Global VR Evangelist Scott Broock, Booster Pack’s Shane Gavin, KaijuDen’s Willy and PAOFIT’s Marc Hardy — who are all playing a role in delivering new mobile VR experiences.

They shared recent developments and insights in mobile VR, and details of their respective company’s advancements in this space.

VR ads experiments

Shane Gavin

Shane Gavin sharing with us insights on the VR in app ads experiments.

There are many who believe ads should appear in VR. I believe that it will be unavoidable and I have shared about VadR, a VR ad platform in a previous article about some developments in that area.

Shane Gavin, Creative Director of Booster Pack, has taken a step further by using VadR to experiment with integrating ads in his mobile VR apps (You are in a Maze and Sky Marshall) which you can get for free in Google Play Store or Apptoide. He has kindly shared his insights on slideshare.

The State of VR

Scott Broock

Scott Broock, Global VR Evangelist of Youtube shares with us the state of VR

Scott Broock was previously VP of Jaunt for VR content and Content Deal Development and now the Global VR Evangelist for Youtube. In town for the All That Matters 2016 Singapore stop, he shared with us the state of VR right now. Describing the difference between immersion and presence, he explained how VR is the next stage of evolution for traditional media.

Of course this will be lead by Google’s upcoming product which is the Daydream. Daydream phones will continue to support current content but also add a new dimension by introducing the 3DOF controller which will bring mobile VR a half step closer towards the more advance PC Tethered VR experience.

Scott left us with a food for thought that VR at this moment is at the brick phone stage of the mobile phone lifetime and there are big things to come. (His bet is in Social VR, World building like Minecraft, and Advertising experience)

Entering the Den of Scares with KaijuDen

Kaiju Den

Willy from Kaiju Den sharing about his upcoming mobile VR horror title Lunar Eclipse

Willy from KaijuDen dropped by to share with us how they started their VR Game Company and why they decided to do VR game development on the mobile VR. The main reason was because the smartphone market is a much bigger market with lower entry barriers compared to the PC based one and also conventional mobile phone games are saturated. VR mobile games provide an opportunity they can be trendsetters. Hence they decided to take a stab in this direction when they decided to form a company to produce and develop their own games.

We will cover more on their game in a future article of horror games in the upcoming Halloween month.

Mixed Reality technology

Marc Hardy

Marc Hardy from PAOFIT giving a live demo of RunSocial and how the tech can be applied extensively.

RunSocial is a fitness app that was developed by Marc Hardy and his team of 2o engineers. They develop mixed reality technologies that is able to create stunning quality of 360 videos that can be utilized in many different type of applications. For RunSocial, it means you can run on a beautiful countryside track at a speed you set, together with other people around the world represented as avatars. In fact, this has been used by an astronaut in the International Space Station to run the Virgin Money London marathon. He has also been able to enhanced the 360 videos to add in billboards for virtual advertisements that is a way 360 videos could be monetized.

Often we face issues like making 360 videos interactive and Marc has shown one of the ways forward with the developments that he has been making.

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