VR Event Booth Games: Richie’s Plank Experience Review

A unique psychological VR experience that puts you 80 floors above the ground on a wooden plank. The only question remaining is, will you walk that plank, chicken out or make the jump? Of course, don’t try this in real life without a safety rope!

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Suitable for Events/ Corporate function/ Carnivals/ Bazaar/ weddings/ D&D/ Birthday/ Festival/ Party

GAMEPLAY (7 / 10)

Being more of a psychological VR experience rather than a game, Richie’s Plank Experience (RPE) uniquely shows how VR can trick a person’s mind, making them believe they are actually 80 floors above the ground, which is made even more immersive if there is an actual wooden plank calibrated within the game. Other than the plank, there are other activities the player can do like being a Super Fireman flying in the air and putting out fires or delivering presents like Santa Claus. Overall, a decent VR experience for its theme and nature.

AVG. PLAYTIME (6 / 10)

RPE has about 5 – 10 mins of playtime for each experience (Plank, Fireman, etc). Not a bad playtime, but it does not have much replayability in its design which is not good for anyone playing RPE personally. Though, for commercial, it’s more or less ok.


As RPE utilises a unique Real Life Plank Layout system, which allow the VR crew or player to calibrate an actual wooden plank, it utilises a play area really well, though we recommend longer planks and larger play areas for a better experience. Kid friendliness is more or less great since this experience is simulating “Real Life” things, there are no height adjustments, though the game doesn’t necessarily require it.

GRAPHICS (7 / 10)

The graphics are okay for the nature of RPE and the player can still feel they are soaring through town and etc, though there could be some room for improvement to take the immersion further.


While there’s not much replayability after fully experiencing RPE once, this game is great for any event or arcade due to its nature; it can easily get people on their toes or even screaming, therefore easily attracting public attention for any VR booths hosting this game. RPE received very positive reviews on Steam and is quickly established when famous YouTubers played this game during early access.



Richie’s Plank Experience

SteamVR, Vive, Oculus Toast 13 Dec 2017