VR LBE Review: PVRK Dubai

I had a holiday in Dubai in May and managed to check out their VR experiences at Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and also in PVRK, Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping mall in the world! Read more to check out the full review.

At Burj Khalifa, there is one VR experience, Mission 828, which you can purchase as a package when buying the tickets to get to the viewing gallery of Burj Khalifa or you can purchase the play when you are up in the viewing gallery itself (slightly more expensive of course). We also found out later that this experience is also available in PVRK. In this experience, you play a James Bond like character and try to save the world. The action happens right at the Burj Khalifa of course and allows you to do illega-in-real-life stuff like climbing the outside of Burj Khalifa.

Connecting to the Burj Khalifa is the Dubai Mall, and that’s where you can go to the PVRK, one of the world largest VR parks. There has been a recent change in the game titles as STARVR, one of the partners when they first started, has had some financial issues recently and pulled their games from the park. There are still many VR games available that you can’t play at home due to the nature of the setup with motion simulators and with haptic suits.

Our Top 3 experiences were:
1) Hologate – a multiplayer zombie shooting experience (its the only multiplayer game available)
2) Paradrop VR – a parasailing motion simulator that is so real 
3) RobocomVR – a space shooter motion simulator that place you in the cockpit, spinning 180 degrees upwards to shoot at enemies gives you a real kick

Our least favorite rides were as it was very nauseating and no interactions in the game content:
1) Dubai Drone – you ride a real roller coaster while wearing the VR headset and fly around the Dubai city
2) Burj Drop – You drop down the burj khalifa in VR while cleaning the windows.

What we realize after playing these games was that motion simulator when done well, such as those that gives you control over your movement, is really awesome to play and adds a lot of presence and immersion to your experience. If there is no control, it is really bad.

We enjoyed the experience a lot, especially since the price is very friendly. Their official prices include a Super 7 pass where can choose to spend AED 110 (which is about USD 30) to choose about 7 experience or a pay and play credits system like conventional arcades. (There are also non-vr arcade machines too at PVRK). But the best deal can be found on KLOOK where there is a 4 hour unlimited VR play for only USD12.25.  As long as its not sold out!