VR Experience Review: Adventure Lab

Adventure Lab is a brand new concept where you get to experience with friends a VR escape room with a live host from anywhere! It is not a location based experience but feels like one which you can enjoy from the comforts of your home. This is especially helpful in this social distancing times.

Currently there is only 1 game title called “Dr Crumb’s School for Disobedient Pets” where you are recruited into the V.I.A (short for Virtual Investigations Agency) and you have to infiltrate the school and take down the mad scientist by solving puzzles together. There is a 40 minutes time limit.

You need to have 1-3 friends who all have their own oculus quest to embark on this adventure. Other headsets support coming soon with cross platform play supported.

How the experience works:

You go to their website and book a timing slot. 

After keying in your information, you will all get an email to fill in a form to enter your oculus login email. This will give you access to download the app on the Oculus Store on each of your quests.

At about 5 minutes before your timing slot, you can open the app and enter the room using the unique room code they give you.

The live host will meet you and give you further instructions to continue the experience.


Each player will also have to choose a different avatar who all have a unique ability which we shall not divulge. The avatars are all very cute and likeable with cute names for the host to call you instead of your name which solves the problem if the hosts are not able to pronounce your name. The avatars are also full body characters, so you can dance and do actions/emotes for fun and to express yourself.

The game uses teleport and snap turn mechanics to move around the virtual space which should be comfortable for most players. When you teleport, your friend’s avatar will look like they are hopping which feels absolutely delightful.

There are certain items you can use to solve puzzles and each of them are uniquely different but simple enough to understand. They all require communication and teamwork to complete. The puzzles also increase in difficulty incrementally so it always feel like you can solve them, giving you a great sense of accomplishment.

Graphics-wise, the game resembles being in a cartoon network tv show and kid friendly.

Last but not least, the X factor for Adventure Lab is our live host. Not only just guiding our journey with a great animated voice (he role plays your mentor, the bad guy, the side characters), he also have to react in real time to what our team says. For example, if you guide your team well he will praise you, if you are lost he will help you, if you talk to him he will reply back! That is something no computer AI can do right now and these interactions is really integral to this experience.


We have nothing but good words for the experience created by Adventure Lab. A must try!

Each experience cost USD100 in total for all players combined, so if there are 4 players each player will pay USD25. They have limited slots as they just started operations and have limited hosts to accomodate the experience. For a limited time, OG-LAB-RAT gives you a 50% discount! (We don’t know when it will end, so hurry!)

Want to be a live VR host?

Speaking of host, you can also apply to be one if you have good vocal control, willing to figure out VR, immersive performance skills, have a VR device, good internet and a quiet place. As work can be remote and paid per gig, it can be a very interesting and unique job to have.

What if I don’t have a VR device?

We can rent you a set. Just contact us through our contact form.